Hi! 👋 I’m Florian,
Antwerp based web developer, designer
and adventurer.

I build user-friendly and accessible websites and web apps for creative brands to help them connect to their ideal audience.

Photo of Florian Ramakers on a suspension bridge looking up at the sky
— photo of myself taken by my lovely wife Kelly.

I’ve build API’s, web apps and websites for clients like Sanoma Media, Audi Brussels, Energy Lab, Sodexo, Bucketlist.org, Digipolis and Advisor Websites. Get in touch.


  • Front-end development.

    Html, sass, javascript, Angular, ...

  • Backend development.

    Node.js, Express, php

  • Wordpress themes & plugins.

    Traditional or headless.

  • UX & a11y.

    User experience & Accessibility.


  • Keep it simple.

    Simple, elegant solutions.

  • Share.

    Giving back.

  • Learn.

    There’s always something to learn.

  • Teach.

    Helping others succeed.